Financial Assistance by Technology Development Board


Technology Development Board, a Statutory Body of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India constituted by the Technology Development Board Act, 1995, provides financial assistance to Industrial concerns and other agencies attempting development and commercial application of indigenous technology or adopting imported technology for wider domestic applications.


  • Emphasis on technology driven project in every sector of the economy;
  • Unique evaluation procedure through acknowledged experts;
  • Confidentiality as regards projects documents/ processes;
  • Transparency in processing of project proposals;
  • Encouraging industry to enter into hi-tech, hi-risk areas;
  • Motivating industry to have firmer linkages with R&D;

Financial Assistance is available by way of

  • Soft loan (up to 50% of the project cost @5% simple annual interest);
  • Equity contribution (up to 25% of the project cost);
  • Grant (in exceptional cases of national interest);

Assistance provided in all sectors:

  • Health & Medical;
  • Chemical; Agriculture;
  • Energy & Waste; Utilization;
  • Air & Road Transport;
  • IT & Telecom;
  • Defence Manufacturing; etc.

For further details and information visit:

Technology Development Board

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